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"Creative Desserts" Celebrate Crate Giveaway {closed}

I picked up a pack of unfrosted cupcakes from my local grocery store and a can of frosting. For the tiny chocolate cupcake toppers I threw 3 of the chocolate cupcakes into the mixer along with a few Tablespoons of frosting until the mixture held together without being sticky. Start with 1 Tablespoon and add a bit more at a time. The Cupcake Mini Mold by My Little Cupcake made it almost too easy- just roll a gob of cake pop dough and press it into the mold. Out comes the cutest little cupcake that you ever did see! I planted mine on top of another cupcake with a mini M&M on top. The other cupcakes got some sanding sugar and a cute “Sweet Tweet” topper from StudiOh! designs.

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